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What Happens If You Wreck Your Car While You Are in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case?

Since most chapter 13 cases last for about 5 years, lots of things can happen. One of those "things" that can happen is that your car is involved in a car wreck and now the car you were paying for in the bankruptcy has been totaled. What happens?…
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The Truth About Student Loans and Getting Rid of them in Bankruptcy

Most consumers facing bankruptcy also have student loans. With so much misinformation online on this topic, we cover the REAL facts about discharging student loans in bankruptcy. Under the current law, there are very few instances in which…
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Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, and Charges in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases

Prior to 2011, many consumer would emerge from their Chapter 13 cases thinking they were debt free but instead would soon be hit with a foreclosure notice due to undisclosed and unpaid post-petition charges and fees. The rules were updated…
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The Bankruptcy Process: What to Expect When you File Bankruptcy

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy can be daunting. Once you decide that bankruptcy is the right choice for you make sure that you understand the process from start to finish. When filing for bankruptcy, there are a number of steps…
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Taking Out a Loan While You Are in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

Most Chapter 13 cases will run the maximum 60 month term. The problem is, in 5 years, you may need to get a new car or repair your home while you are in the bankruptcy case. The court will permit you to incur new debt for personal, family,…
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Suspending Your Trustee Payments (Temporarily) While in Bankruptcy

A typical chapter 13 bankruptcy case requires that you make monthly payments to a chapter 13 trustee over the life of your plan. This plan could last anywhere from 36 to 60 months. Your plan may run less than that provided you pay off the debt…
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Title Pawn Loans in Bankruptcy: How Are they Treated?

A title pawn is a transaction where the title to a vehicle is transferred to a pawnbroker in exchange for a loan. The transfer is subject to the borrower’s right to “redeem” the title. Under the Georgia Code, the transaction is treated…
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Lien Stripping in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Lien Stripping in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 provides the very powerful tool of "lien stripping", or removing second mortgages and home equity lines from a home. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows such second mortgage loans to be stripped from…
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How Bank Accounts are Affected When You File for Bankruptcy

A very common concern we hear from clients is what to do with their bank accounts before filing bankruptcy. Many clients are concerned that the money in the account will be seized once they file for bankruptcy protection. If you are going to…