DeKalb County Georgia bankruptcy attorney

DeKalb County Georgia Bankruptcy Lawyers

Helping Clients In DeKalb County Get Debt Relief

In recent years, the economic crisis has left many people in DeKalb county Georgia and other communities in Metro Atlanta deeply in debt and unable to maintain their bills. If you are having trouble managing your debts, filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your opportunity to relieve your stress and get a fresh start.

At Saedi Law Group, LLC, our DeKalb county bankruptcy attorneys have the experience to help you get the debt relief you need and deserve. We have helped over 20,000 people in Georgia get a new financial start.

Best Legal Advice to the Best Path Toward A Fresh Financial Start

Bankruptcy in Georgia is a complex body of law .  While it is largely governed by U.S. federal law, there are many Georgia state and local laws that will affect your case and your ability to get debt free. You need excellent qualified representation to ensure you properly comply with all of the bankruptcy rules so that your case is 100% successful. The attorneys of Saedi Law Group, LLC are the best bankruptcy attorneys to represent you in your case and allow you to get a fresh financial start with a debt-free life!

People who need to file bankruptcy have two choices:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which allows many individuals and businesses to wipe out their debts without having to give up assets; or
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows filers to reduce or eliminate some debts and repay the rest with an affordable three- to five-year repayment plan.

Our attorneys have helped many DeKalb county clients resolve their debt problems by filing either Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.

We can advise you on whether bankruptcy is right for you, and if so, which type will meet your needs. If you decide to file bankruptcy, we can guide you through the process the entire way.

Chapter 7 And 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving DeKalb County Georgia

At Saedi Law Group, LLC, we are committed to helping clients overcome problems with debt. To schedule a FREE confidential consultation with one of our experienced DeKalb County bankruptcy attorneys, please contact us at 404-919-7296 or click HERE to schedule an appointment online ASAP.

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