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Curious about bankruptcy and what it can do for you? Facing serious financial debt or recently served with a collection lawsuit?

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Each section of our course has a video walk through in which we will guide you through the bankruptcy process. We will also provide legal guides and tips for filing Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy in Georgia. Our legal guides are prepared by our team of attorney experts.

Step-by-Step Instructions

This course will walk you through every step of the Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy process in Georgia. From what you need to fill out (and why) to filing the case and attending your hearing, our course will make sure that you understand the bankruptcy process in Georgia.

Taught by Experts

Bankruptcy attorney and instructor Lorena Saedi has almost 20 years of consumer bankruptcy experience and will share with you everything you need to know about filing Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy in Georgia. She offers inside tips about filing and issues to be aware of.

Learn How to File Bankruptcy

  • Free How To Guides

    Our course provides how to guides that have been prepared by our legal team that deal specifically with filing bankruptcy here in Georgia.

  • Easy to Follow Videos

    Our videos are clear and easy to follow and will help you understand the bankruptcy process.

  • Instant Course Access

    After you sign up you will receive an email with instant access to our course and all of the materials we have prepared to assist with the lessons.

  • Taught by Legal Experts

    With almost 20 years of experience, attorney instructor Lorena Saedi will share inside tips and provide insights into Georgia bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy Education From the Comfort of Your Home

Filing bankruptcy can provide a great financial relief but taking the first step is scary. Our course will provide you insights on the bankruptcy filing process here in Georgia.

Course Sections & Materials

  • Scheduling the Consultation
  • Completing the Online Intake
  • Reviewing with Attorney
  • Attorney Case Analysis
  • Reviewing the Petition
  • Signing Documents Online
  • Case Filed: Now What
  • Reaffirmation Agreements
  • Motions to Redeem
  • 341 Meeting of Creditors
  • Completing the Second Course
  • Waiting for the Discharge
  • Bank accounts and bankruptcy
  • Retirement accounts and bankruptcy
  • Credit and Your Credit Report
  • Means Test Calculator
  • Sample Chapter 7 & 13 Petition
  • Guide to Chapter 7 & 13
  • The Chapter 13 Plan
  • and much more!
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Who is This Course For?

Our FREE bankruptcy courses are designed for Georgia consumers who want to know more about bankruptcy and the bankruptcy process but would rather learn about in the privacy and comfort of their home instead of in an attorney’s office.

If you are facing the following issues you should definately sign-up for our course:

  • Facing a lawsuit

  • Car repossessed

  • Bank account was frozen

  • Pay check was garnished

  • Received a foreclosure notice

  • Unable to pay down credit cards

About Your Instructor

Attorney instructor Lorena Saedi has been practicing consumer bankruptcy in Georgia since 2001. Ms. Saedi regularly trains other attorneys and legal experts in practicing bankruptcy in Georgia and is passionate about helping consumers get a new financial life through filing for bankruptcy.

Lorena will share all the good, the bad, and the ugly she has seen while practicing so that you know what to expect and issues to be aware of. If you have every considered filing for bankruptcy, our free courses will educate you on the process.

Lorena is the founder and managing attorney of Saedi Law Group, LLC.  She also consults with bankruptcy software developers to improve attorney training and case writing products.

In addition, Ms. Saedi is an attorney instructor with Reliance Bankruptcy Training where she teaches consumers, business owners, and other attorneys on how to file bankruptcy and succeed in case writing.

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