This past Friday I had the chance to catch up and interview, via video chat, my friend and colleague Atlanta workers compensation attorney Julie Poirier about workers compensation claims during the COVID-19 crisis. As a bankruptcy attorney, I have many clients with workers compensation issues that either started before or after they start their case with me. Julie has been an amazing resource for my clients and has helped many of them through the complicated process of seeking workers compensation when they are injured on the job. Julie is a superb litgator and negotiator and always puts her clients needs first. With courts temporarily closing in many practice areas due to this crisis I also wondered how this would affect Georgia consumers who either needed to file a claim or were in the middle of the process.

Watch this clip and Julie will explain in detail how Georgia courts are stepping up to assist workers throught the claims and litigation process. If you have any questions about workers compensation law in Georgia or bankruptcy watch this interview and feel free to reach out to Julie or myself. Below is our contact information and some useful links.

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