Bankruptcy Helps Millions of Consumers Each Year. How Can We Help You?

In these uncertain times, many Georgian’s are facing unprecedented legal challenges. We can help you no matter what financial issue you are facing.

Has Your Recent Case Been Dismissed? No Problem! We Can Refile Your Case

Even if your case has been dismissed we can step in and refile immediately to ensure that your assets are protected again. We can pull all of your previous information from the court site so it is fast and easy!

refile dismissed bankruptcy case in Atlanta Georgia with Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer

The most frequent thing we hear from clients refiling their case is that there was a lack of communication and they were passed off as soon as their case filed. The stress, anxiety, and fear from learning that your case is dismissed is no fun.

Our firm prides itself on its dedication to clients. Our clients only meet with an attorney (not a paralegal) when the schedule a consultation. Schedule a free and confidential consultation today and see how we can make the difference.

We make refiling your case fast and easy! We will pull your old case information, review for any errors from your previous law firm, and then prepare a new case plan for you to review which will detail every debt and calculation of repayment.

Saedi Law Group Has Been Helping Georgian’s For Over 20 Years! We Love What We Do and It Shows.

We invite you to schedule a FREE consultation with our experienced attorneys to see the difference that our firm can make in your case!

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