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Bankruptcy Attorneys in Doraville, Georgia

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys Providing Legal Solutions For Financially Difficult Times.

Our bankruptcy attorneys use the U.S. Bankruptcy code to get relief for consumers facing overwhelming debt problems.

We have helped thousands of clients save their home from foreclosurecar repossession and reduce their other debts. Our team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 7 bankruptcy law in Georgia

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Just considering bankruptcy is scary for most of the people we meet. For the majority of our clients, the cause of their debt is usually out of their control.

Job loss, divorce, medical issues, or a few bad financial choices in their younger days are some of the reasons that our clients seek out our assistance in order to stop feeling overwhelmed, ashamed, and guilty because of their debt.

The Georgia bankruptcy lawyers at Saedi Law Group are here to walk you through all bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options to resolve these issues and to stop creditor harassment.  Our law offices are always open either in-person or online.

Our office also Zero Down Bankruptcy filing for those clients who don’t have the funds to upfront funds to file their case.

Should you file for bankruptcy? How long does it take for your credit to recoverWhat is Chapter 13What is Chapter 7? Bankruptcy protection is just a click away.

Our Georgia bankruptcy legal team is comprised of some of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Georgia and are here to answer these questions (and more) when you meet with us.

It’s never fun to consider declaring bankruptcy. But, believe it or not, bankruptcy can be a smart financial decision in certain situations. Bankruptcy’s designed to give people a fresh start when they need one.

If you file for bankruptcy, you’re taking a big step towards getting your finances under control. That’s always a responsible goal.  Living with overwhelming debt is not normal and the stress that comes with it can be debilitating.

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