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    Saedi Law Group has been recognized as one of the most innovative bankruptcy law firms in Georgia. We use technology to make the legal process easier for our clients! Chat with a bankruptcy lawyer face-to-face in minutes!

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Consult with an Experienced Georgia Bankruptcy from the Comfort and Privacy of Your Home or Office.

Our Video/Phone Consultations are Convenient and Easy So You Don’t Waste Time Fighting Traffic to Get to an Office. Virtual Case Filings Available through our Innovative BK Lawyer Connect™ System!

Virtual Case Filing. No In-Person Office Visit Required.

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For many clients, conducting a meeting from home or at work is easier than driving to an office (especially with Atlanta traffic these days).


Filing bankruptcy is a difficult decision and some clients feel anxious coming into an office to disclose their financial information.

Office Locations

Since we cannot have an office in every county in Georgia we offer video consults. Clients can have expert bankruptcy representation no matter where they live in Georgia!

Meet Only With Attorneys

All video consults meet only with an attorney (never a paralegal). You never have to worry about being “passed” around from paralegal to paralegal.

Emergency Case Filing

When your car has just been repossessed or your bank account garnished you need immediate help. Don’t waste any time!

Access to Experts

You will not be limited to just the attorneys right next door. You can work with an award winning Georgia bankruptcy law firm who focuses only on consumer bankruptcy practice.

Welcome to the Modern Age of Legal Services

Innovative Solutions for Clients to Get Immediate Access to Their Attorney

FAQ About Video Consults

Video chatting with an experienced Georgia bankruptcy attorney is easy! Once you schedule a time we send you a private link that you just click on to instantly connect on a secure and private video chat with our office. The process is quick and easy!

You will ONLY meet with an experienced Georgia attorney from our office. We are a locally based law firm so you only meet with an experienced attorney from Saedi Law Group.

Clients have busy lives and busy schedules. With today’s technology it is easy to accommodate your schedule and preference if you would rather do a video consult as opposed to driving to an attorney’s office. We kept seeing clients from areas outside of Atlanta that had been charged higher fees and received less than perfect service just because they went to the closest attorney instead of the best. We are passionate about providing superior bankruptcy service to each and every client.  Although we offer 10 office locations to meet with clients we cannot have an office in every county in Georgia so by conducting video consults we are able to offer our services to clients in every county in Georgia.

Yes. There is NO difference in regards to the confidentiality laws. If you meet with an attorney in person or if you meet with an attorney on a video call you have the same rights.

Your attorney will prepare your petition and email you the draft to review. Once you get back to the attorney with any edits or changes the attorney will email you petition to review and sign online. You will have the same attorney access and responsiveness from our office as a client that came in to meet with an attorney.

No problem! We have over 10 office locations to meet with clients in Georgia. Just let us know the closest office to you and we can schedule an appointment at any time before or after your case is filed.

Award winning and Top ranked Georgia Bankruptcy Law Firm: Saedi Law Group

A Mid-Sized Boutique Bankruptcy Law Firm Offering Personal Bankruptcy Solutions

Just considering bankruptcy is scary for most of the people we meet. For the majority of our clients, the cause of their debt is usually out of their control. Job loss, divorce, medical issues, or a few bad financial choices in their younger days are some of the reasons that our clients seek out our assistance in order to stop feeling overwhelmed, ashamed, and guilty because of their debt.

Our team of bankruptcy lawyers are here to walk you through all bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options to resolve these issues. Should you file for bankruptcy? How long does it take for your credit to recoverWhat is Chapter 13What is Chapter 7? Our team is comprised of some of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Atlanta and are here to answer these questions (and more) when you meet with us.

It’s never fun to consider declaring bankruptcy. But, believe it or not, bankruptcy can be a smart financial decision in certain situations. Bankruptcy is designed to give people a fresh start when they need one. And if you file for bankruptcy, you’re taking a big step towards getting your finances under control.

Our firm understands that our clients have busy lives and many times it is easier to review this very personal situation from the privacy and comfort of their homes or offices.  Our video conferencing meeting with managing attorney Lorena Saedi has been our most popular form of client meeting due to this reason.

You will review any questions you have with Attorney Saedi and she will go over the process.

If you decide to move forward with the filing of your case we can email your documents to review and sign online.  

Schedule a FREE Bankruptcy Consultation

Our firm offers video/phone consultation from the convenience of your home or in-person appointments in one of our 10 office locations.

We invite you to contact us either online or by phone at 404-919-7296 to schedule a free confidential consultation to review your personal financial situation and what options we can provide to protect you from creditors. For additional information about bankruptcy please also check out our YouTube Channel which has up to date vlogs on issues related to personal bankruptcy.

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