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Getting a Car Loan and Mortgage Loan in Bankruptcy

Since most Chapter 13 cases last for 5 years, issues can come up that require that they incur debt.  The bankruptcy code is equiped to handle these life issues but as with anything involving the court. The Bankruptcy Code permits you to…
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How Many Times Can You File For Bankruptcy Protection?

Sometimes situations can (and do) arise, where an individual has a need to eliminate debt utilizing the US Bankruptcy Code a second or even third time after previously filing. The key to understanding how many times you can file bankruptcy…
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Cramming Down a Car in Bankruptcy

“Cramdown” is an informal term for one of the most used benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You won’t find the term in the federal Bankruptcy Code, yet lawyers and judges use it all the time. A “cramdown” of an auto loan is a major…
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Debt Settlements vs. Bankruptcy

DEBT SETTLEMENT VS BANKRUPTCY: WHICH WILL GET ME OUT OF DEBT FASTER? When someone’s finances become too much to handle, it’s common to look for other ways to manage debt.  If you fall into that category, you might find success negotiating…
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Top 5 Reasons People Are Afraid to File for Bankruptcy Protection

Many people in the United States are afraid to file for bankruptcy because they do not understand that most people who file are financially better off in the long run. After filing, most people see their debt erased and their credit scores…
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What Happens if You Receive a 1099 From a Creditor After You File for Bankruptcy?

WHY WAS I SENT A 1099-C AFTER DISCHARGE?Did you receive a 1099-C after your bankruptcy discharge? A 1099-C is generated by a financial institution, such as a lender, after a qualifying event. A qualifying event occurs when the entity has written-off…