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Title Pawn Loans in Bankruptcy: How Are they Treated?

A title pawn is a transaction where the title to a vehicle is transferred to a pawnbroker in exchange for a loan. The transfer is subject to the borrower’s right to “redeem” the title. Under the Georgia Code, the transaction is treated…
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Lien Stripping in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Lien Stripping in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 provides the very powerful tool of "lien stripping", or removing second mortgages and home equity lines from a home. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows such second mortgage loans to be stripped from…
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Reaffirmation Agreements and Bankruptcy

REAFFIRMATION AGREEMENTS IN BANKRUPTCY If you have debt which you want to retain in your case you may be required to sign a reaffirmation agreement in order to prevent the collateral from being taken after your discharge. The most common questions…
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How Bank Accounts are Affected When You File for Bankruptcy

A very common concern we hear from clients is what to do with their bank accounts before filing bankruptcy. Many clients are concerned that the money in the account will be seized once they file for bankruptcy protection. If you are going to…
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Suing Another Party While in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

Bankruptcy is one area of the law that can reach far and wide and can impact numerous other areas of law.  It is not uncommon for a bankruptcy client to also have another lawsuit ongoing in which they are the plaintiff.  While clients…
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What Do You Do After Your Chapter 7 341 Hearing?

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the 341 hearing (even though this is actually an administrative hearing and nothing like a scene from Law & Order!). Once your hearing has been concluded, what's next?…