• Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy?

    When faced with financial problems what path promises the fastest way to financial freedom?

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When it comes to making a decision as to Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy you should carefully consider the benefits and consequences of both.

Choosing between debt settlement and bankruptcy in while facing a huge pile of debt is a tough decision to make. It is important to understand that although both debt settlement and bankruptcy offer debt refief, they work very differently. In order to make an informed decision, you need to understand the difference.


Debt settlement is a process by which you work with your creditors, either on your own or with assistance, to settle a delinquent account by offering to pay a lump sum that is less than what is owed. You can find assistance for debt settlement with an attorney or a debt settlement company to negotiate the reduction in the debt amount to settle the account. Keep in mind that you will need to have cash on hand to pay the lump sum and the attorney or company.

We meet with many clients who saw a commercial on television for debt settlement and enrolled in a program. They get set up a monthly payment which is support be going towards an escrow account to settle the debt eventually. The calls may stop for a few months but the client’s credit is being damaged because with no payments being paid, the creditor will continue to report delinquencies.

When considering debt settlement assistance, either through a company or a qualified lawyer, be sure to do your research! Avoid companies that add on ongoing fees or even require high up-front fees. You will also want to be wary of anyone who promises to fix your credit score. The only way to remove negative information from your credit score, is if it is inaccurate. Finally, guaranteed results are also a red flag to be mindful of, as the company cannot promise that a creditor will settle your debt for any amount.

You need…. Debt Settlement Chapter 7 Chapter 13
To Stop Litigation
To Stop Garnishment
A Repayment Plan
Asset Protection
A Discharge of Debts Without Tax Consequences
A Quick Resolution
To Qualify
Money to Settle

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Just considering bankruptcy is scary for most of the people we meet. For the majority of our clients, the cause of their debt is usually out of their control. Job loss, divorce, medical issues, or a few bad financial choices in their younger days are some of the reasons that our clients seek out our assistance in order to stop feeling overwhelmed, ashamed, and guilty because of their debt.

Our team is here to walk you through all bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options to resolve these issues. Should you file for bankruptcy? How long does it take for your credit to recoverWhat is Chapter 13What is Chapter 7? Our team is comprised of some of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Georgia and are here to answer these questions (and more) when you meet with us.

It’s never fun to consider declaring bankruptcy. But, believe it or not, bankruptcy can be a smart financial decision in certain situations. Bankruptcy’s designed to give people a fresh start when they need one. And if you file for bankruptcy, you’re taking a big step towards getting your finances under control. That’s always a responsible goal.

Filing bankruptcy doesn’t have to be scary!  Once you have the necessary information and a plan you can get started on a new financial life.  Here in Georgia, filing bankruptcy could:

  • Stop lawsuits
  • Stop garnishments
  • Restructure past due child support or alimony
  • Prevent license suspension due to child support
  • Prevent student loan collection while in your case
  • Put an end to the harassing phone calls and letters
  • Be a major first step towards improving your credit score
  • Avoid the devastating experience of going through a home foreclosure
  • Stop creditors from repossessing your belongings (including your car)
  • Stop the IRS from seizing your bank accounts and pay check


Our firm understands that our clients have busy lives and many times it is easier to review this very personal situation from the privacy and comfort of their homes or offices.  Our video conferencing meeting with managing attorney Lorena Saedi has been our most popular form of client meeting due to this reason.

Just like a regular in person consultation, you will complete an initial intake form. Once that is completed we then call you to review and finish up the call with a video chat. Just like a regular consultation, you will review any questions with Attorney Saedi and she will go over the process.

If you decide to move forward with the filing your documents will be sent to you review.  Once you have reviewed your documents and all edits have been implemented we will then provide you with the final documents to review and sign online through our secure electronic signature program.


If you have an Iphone we can do a FaceTime chat and if you have an Android phone we can chat using DUO. We can also do video chats through SKYPE, FaceBook Messeger, or Zoom. The process is quick and easy!

You will ONLY meet with founder and managing attorney Lorena Saedi. Ms. Saedi has been practicing bankrutpcy law here in Georgia for over 19 years.

Clients have busy lives and busy schedules. With today’s technology it is easy to accommodate your schedule and preference if you would rather do a video consult as opposed to driving to an attorney’s office. We kept seeing clients from areas outside of Atlanta that had been charged higher fees and received less than perfect service just because they went to the closest attorney instead of the best. We are passionate about providing superior bankruptcy service to each and every client.  Although we offer 10 office locations to meet with clients we cannot have an office in every county in Georgia so by conducting video consults we are able to offer our services to clients in every county in Georgia.

Yes. There is NO difference in regards to the confidentiality laws. If you meet with an attorney in person or if you meet with an attorney on a video call you have the same rights.

Your attorney will prepare your petition and email you the draft to review. Once you get back to the attorney with any edits or changes the attorney will email you petition to review and sign online. You will have the same attorney access and responsiveness from our office as a client that came in to meet with an attorney.

No problem! We have over 10 office locations to meet with clients in Georgia. Just let us know the closest office to you and we can schedule an appointment at any time before or after your case is filed.

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  • You work with the same attorney from start to finish on your case.
  • I have over 20 years practicing as a consumer bankruptcy attorney.
  • I personally review, approve, and file every case that is filed by my office.
  • We offer easy and affordable payment plans and NEVER sell your account to a third party.
  • My firm does not still use the old stuffy outdated law firm model. Our firm services are build around the client.
  • We are not a “bankruptcy mill”. We will give your case the personal attention and detail that it deserves.
  • My clients are seen on time for their appointment. No waiting. We respect your time. We also offer video chats.
  • My Chapter 13 clients are not required to have an employer deduction and notify their employer of their bankruptcy.
  • Since many clients have tax issues, my firm offers a monthly tax clinic to assist with tax returns.
  • My firm has filed thousands of cases and we have always been committed and dedicated to fighting for our clients rights.
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Bankruptcy Services That We Provide

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is difficult but before you start the process, speak to a bankruptcy expert who can guide you through the correct process.

Chapter 7 Case: $0 Down Attorney Fees and $78.00 Filing Fee

Chapter 7 allows consumers to wipe out most unsecured debt if they qualify income wise and don’t have assets with too much equity. We offer payment plans that work with every budget. An experienced attorney can run a means test review to ensure that you qualify.

A Chapter 7 case typically lasts from 4-5 months and then you receive a discharge. Clients are able to rebuild their credit immediately coming out of a their case and typically see their credit back to a “good” rating in about 12 months.

Chapter 13 Case: $0 Down Attorney Fees and $78.00 Filing Fee

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt consolidation repayment plan that allows consumers to restructure their debts on their own terms in a 36-60 month repayment plan. If you are facing foreclosure, repossession, or tax problems then Chapter 13 may be the best choice for you.

There are many reasons why you may want to consider 13 instead of chapter 7 so review your case with our firm and we can provide you with options.

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