video chat with an attorney

Video Consultations: The Future of Attorney/Client Meetings

The business community turned to video chat and conferencing years ago however the legal field has been slow to embrace this form of meeting even though almost every court in the US now uses some form of video conferencing for legal matters.

This year Saedi Law Group launched not only our online app for clients but we also launched our new video app so that our busy clients can schedule a video call to review their finances in the comfort of their own home or office.

If you have a smartphone then you can schedule a call immediately with an attorney to meet via video chat and get started on your case.  Although we wish we could have an office in every county in Georgia we can’t. For those Georgia consumers that need financial help we can now reach them easily as long as they have a cell phone or computer.  Saedi Law Group is constantly using technology to provide superb legal services at an affordable cost.

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